Smile Makeover

Case ID: 60980

Front: Before and after views of a maxillary cosmetic reconstruction. After photo with E-Max crowns and a pleasing symmetric smile display with better posterior smile display.

Front: Postoperative relaxed smile with a natural well blended result.

Front: Close up front teeth. Notice the anesthetic back crowns, the worn incised edges and the mismatch of color. See how the crowns look after rehabilitation.

Front: Retracted pre-operative and retracted post-operative smile rehab respectively.

Front: Right and left lateral finished smile. Note the very back crowns were not being done at this time but were earmarked for future replacement.

Front: detail captured in an impression and the final retracted smile close up for an esthetic crown rehabilitation.


This is a lady that had decided she wanted a smile she could be proud of. She had an uneven smile display with some old and unattractive crowns in her smile. She decided she wanted a natural smile that had a beautiful, harmonious look. She received E-Max crowns to give her strength and beauty.

This patient had metal margins showing on her back crowns and was unhappy with her smile display and lack of symmetry of the anterior teeth.

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