Snap On Denture Patient

Case ID: 36033

Front: Full face smile

Close-up: Pre-operative view of ill-fitting upper denture and missing lower teeth. Post-operative restored smile.

Close-up: Pre-operative smile. Shows the finished smile after delivery of a new upper denture and an implant over-denture.

Close-up: Panorex x-ray showing the abcessed teeth.

Close-up: 6 implants used to restore his missing lower abcessed teeth.


Published articles on this patient’s journey


The increased self-esteem these dentures afford has allowed many patients to further invest in implant dentistry to take their enhanced esthetics to another level of function … >>Read Full Article

Implant Supported Dentures.

As with normal dentures, a partial is designed to be supported by gum tissue. Proper design of a partial denture can provide most patients many years of good function and aesthetics.

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