Tetracycline Damage

Antibiotic Staining: Children and Adults

Tetracycline Stain Treatment

Porcelain Veneer Artistry

The chief complaints our patient had concerned the color of her teeth and the unusual spotting or mottled appearance of her smile. The spotting and “banded look” was caused by the use of tetracycline, a popular antibiotic.


Her overall dental health was exceptionally good. She was evaluated by our doctors to determine the most sensible method for achieving her goal of having all of her teeth match and to have a smile she wouldn’t be embarrassed to show off.

The patient’s posterior (rear) teeth were exceptionally sound and near perfect in color … a very bright white. Most of the tetracycline discoloration affected her upper teeth.

To establish the most uniform shading of “white” (as defined by the patient) that would affect all of her teeth simultaneously, our doctors used the Zoom 2 Power Bleaching products, which use a patented laser activated gel developed by Discus Dental.

Overcoming the limitations of Laser Whitening

To overcome the spotted surfaces of the patient’s anterior teeth (advanced whitening technology typically does not overcome this type of condition) our patient decided to use Dr. Richard’s recommended custom Empress Ceramic (porcelain laminates) Veneers that were fabricated by Leszek Rapa Dental labs.


Four (4) veneers were initially considered by the patient. After evaluating the patient’s smile pattern, it was determined that 6 veneers would provide the uniformity of coloration and texture across the broadest part of her smile that 4 veneers might not achieve.

Diagnostic Tools for Cosmetic Perfection

Diagnostic imaging (special cosmetic computer simulations), diagnostic wax-up models and digital photography were used to recreate the specific cosmetic result the patient was looking for.


The patient participated in the actual remodeling of her wax-up impressions. She provided feedback that the doctors listened to and together they made changes in the temporaries until they were satisfied.

The adjacent after photos shows the degree of change our patient was looking for and the degree of achievement. Her attention to detail was facilitated by the extra diagnostic services provided.

The Makeover Experience

Everyone involved in the treatment plan was impressed with the results. The laboratory recreated the height, shape, and lingual contours of her new veneers according to the patient’s wishes.


The extra efforts of the patient in assessing different features of the veneer products (use of wax-ups and temporary veneers) produced a cosmetic result that feels and looks natural. This degree of makeover drama exceeded practically everyone’s expectations.

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