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Veneer Failure

Replacing Failed Veneers

Restoring the Aesthetic Function of Premium Porcelain Laminates

Our young patient, in this preop (before treatment) photo had received veneer treatments to his anterior (front teeth) only a couple of years prior to visiting us.

He was pretty unhappy with his cosmetic appearance. The color shading appeared more yellow than white and the veneers had already sustained chipping damage.

Typically, quality feldspathic veneers offer the absolute best qualities for natural color shading. Feldspathic porcelain is also known for providing the best in structural integrity. Da vinci, MAC, IPS and other popular companies use this grade of porcelain for their products.

veneer replacement1

In the hands of experienced and talented veneer dentists and competent dental lab technicians, high grade dental ceramics can be used to create not only astounding cosmetic results but also have the structural strength to alter biting services without failure, despite popular belief that excessive biting or teeth grinding routinely cause veneers to go bad.

Technique Failure versus Product Failure

Reports of veneer failures, changing colors, chipping, cracking or falling off are not necessarily a product failure. Because veneer treatments are technique sensitive, reports of an unsatisfactory veneer are oftentimes related to a technique failure… not a product failure.

Proper selection of an appropriate veneer material, preparation of bonding surfaces (avoiding both under and over preparation), cement selection, controlling contamination, assuring proper thicknesses of laminate material on different sections of each tooth and other factors all play a key role in determining final cosmetic result and serviceability from the product.

Understandably, possessing the training in applying veneer products is not enough. Substantial experience is necessary to assure patients they are receiving cosmetic treatment that will last for years and years. Life expectancy for premium veneers can and should exceed 10 years or more, for the average patient, assuming that overall oral health habits are maintained and parafunctional habits (teeth grinding) are controlled.

The adjacent photo readily shows the yellow contrast of the veneers our patient was unhappy with. He was also upset with the chipping that had begun to occur.

Having the brightest white smile possible (yet still appearing natural) was the goal of our patient. It was what he had in mind when he received his first set of veneers. Now, he was determined to get exactly what he wanted …. without mistakes.

veneer replacement3

To obtain the degree of whiteness our patient wanted for his entire smile, “super deep whitening” (Zoom 2 products) was provided to allow of the surrounding teeth to arrive at the desired shade of his final front teeth.

Dr. Richard created diagnostic wax up models that enabled him to create the precise shade and shape of the final feldspathic veneers the patient wanted. Surprises, the unhappy kind, were eliminated with this process.

veneer replacement4

The modeling process and use of temporary veneers allowed control over laminate thickness, shading, texture, contouring and shaping of the ceramic material that would provide the natural lip support required for a great looking smile where lots of teeth would show. A watchful eye was maintained throughout for assuring proper occlusal relationships.

Working closely with Dr. Winter’s master ceramist, Leszek Rapa, the new veneers enabled our patient to smile broadly and easily. Our patient even commented on how effortless it was to show off his teeth…something he had missed for over 2 years.

The last two postop (after treatment) pictures show the degree of cosmetic change our patient was seeking. Comparing the before photo with the final photo, it can be easily seen that smiling is no longer a conscious effort, but more natural and spontaneous.

Our patient got the smile he always wanted.

veneer replacement5

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