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3 Must-Haves That Qualify You for One-Day Dental Implants

one day dental implantsKeeping up with your teeth and ensuring that they’re properly cleaned, flossed, and taken care of each day can feel stressful at times. Especially when an out-of-the-blue accident or dental issue causes you to lose one, two, or even more of your teeth—it can be all the more disheartening. Thankfully, there are innovative dental solutions to missing or soon-to-be-missing teeth, like one-day dental implants.

These one-day dental implants cut out the need for multiple months of appointments while offering the same fantastic results—all in one single session. However, the question remains: what do you need to be an ideal candidate for one-day dental implants? Well, we’ll tell you.

You must:

Already Be Missing Teeth

The first thing you’ll need to qualify for one-day dental implants is missing teeth. Why get a treatment you don’t need if your teeth are all healthy and present? But more than that, there can often be a lot of work necessary to fix or remove a tooth before a dental implant can be considered—as well as some much-needed recovery time—so having all of that done beforehand will ensure there are no issues with your implant qualification.

Have Adequate Jaw Bone Density and Integrity

In addition to having missing teeth, the density and integrity of your jaw bone must be sufficient enough to withstand the one-day implant treatment. Without this adequate level of density, the implants themselves won’t be able to settle properly. This, of course, is something that will have to be determined by a dental professional, as there is no at-home way to measure your jaw bone’s integrity.

Be Able to Let Them Heal Responsibly

The work isn’t over after the completion of your one-day dental implant procedure; there will be some at-home recovery time that is just as important as the procedure itself. This recovery time will require you to make specific changes, such as adjustments to your diet and getting proper sleep. If that’s something you can handle—and you also meet the two points above—then one-day dental implants may be the option for you.

Get Your One-Day Dental Implants from Hampton Dental Associates

If you’re missing a tooth or multiple teeth, then reach out to Dr. Winter and the rest of the Hampton Dental Associates team at 414-464-9021. Conveniently located in Milwaukee, WI, they also proudly serve their surrounding communities.

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