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One-Day Implants for the Busy You

When we hear about implants, most of us would probably sigh knowing that the application of dental implants takes weeks to complete. Not only will we suffer for a couple of days toothless, some of us just cannot wait to bring back our complete smile. This is why it is a relief for most of us to find out there is such a thing as one-day implants.

Want Implants Today? Get Them Today!

You heard that right. Modern technology has made one-day implants, dental implants that can be installed at the same day of your dental preparation, available. This is made possible because of the use of three-dimensional CT scan that captures high quality images of the individual’s oral cavity. Once the pictures are captured, they are used as basis for the on-the-spot fabrication of your customized implants.

Speedy Treatment, Less Hassle

Since one-day implants may already be installed right then and there, the patient is able to return to his or her daily life and regular activities more quickly. This major benefit is the reason why many patients prefer one-day implants than other procedures. Once the original teeth are lost or removed, one-day implants are there to replace them right away.

Unlike traditional dental implants, wherein the patient still has to wait several months to restore his or her previous complete smile, one-day implants provide the individual with a fast-paced treatment, helping one avoid the embarrassment that comes with having no teeth to show in parties or social gatherings. With one-day implants, you can still retain your smile as well as your self-confidence.

One-Day Implants in Milwaukee

Get your dental implants in just a single visit! Contact us at 414-377-5711 to schedule an appointment with one of our dentists here at Hampton Dental Associates. We look forward to hearing from you!

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