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Stabilize Your Dentures With Mini Dental Implants

Models-43-217x300-217x300 An MDI is a tiny screw-like implant that takes the place of your natural tooth root. MDIs are made of titanium which is sprayed with calcium phosphate. This promotes fast healing and long lasting results. The top of the MDI looks like a tiny ball which fits firmly into a retaining mechanism. Together they hold your dentures at the correct level. Your dentures sit comfortably on your gums and can withstand significant pressure.

MDIs eliminate the need for surgery and allow your dentist to place the implants in your jaw during one treatment. When used to stabilize dentures and over-dentures, MDIs provide a firm anchor, eliminating the need to suffer with loose, poorly fitting dentures.

Full dental implants require bone grafting and a recovery period. MDIs eliminate bone grafting and expedite treatment. Because of their small size, no recovery period is necessary. Your denture can be fitted the same day. MDIs enhance the natural beauty of your smile and restore full functionality to your teeth. And – your dentures can still be removed and cleaned.

MDIs can be life-changing for people who are reluctant to have invasive dental surgery and for denture wearers. Depending on the quality of jawbone available at the implant site, four MDIs may be implanted at one time.

Additional advantages of MDIs include:
•Fresher breath
•Easier chewing
•Clearer speech
•No cutting or sutures
•Reduced cost

The MDI placement procedure takes about an hour. Prior to inserting MDIs, your dentist will use diagnostic tools to find the perfect implant locations. A mild anesthetic will be administered for your comfort. Small holes will be drilled in your jawbone to place each implant. Your denture will then be measured and modified to fit each implant.

If you would like to know more about MDIs, call to schedule a consultation appointment, today: 414-377-5711.

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