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What You May Not Realize about Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Milwaukee, WIYou know that old saying “what you don’t know can’t hurt you?” Well, this doesn’t apply to your body. We encourage patients in the Milwaukee area to visit us every six months so that we can maintain a close eye on their oral health. We want to know what’s going on in the mouth, so it doesn’t hurt you. The other side of the same coin is that we also want you to know what you might expect from dental treatments if and when you need them. Root canal therapy is a prime example.

Root canal therapy is one of the oldest and most frequently performed dental treatments. It originated in the mid-1800s, giving us many, many decades in which to make improvements in the process. During the earlier days of dentistry, it would be relatively easy to say that just about every treatment had a bit of trial and error to it. The instruments and techniques that would perform best had to be learned and refined. This could be part of where the misperception of root canal therapy comes from.

Root Canal Therapy is a Real Pain in the Tooth

You may have heard your fair share of stories about root canals. Many people do, because these stories have a way of circulating and, as they do, they also have a way of becoming more dramatic. This is a major problem because these stories can create a very strong, and very wrong perception. This perception about root canals being barely tolerable can be enough to keep a person from seeing the dentist.

Let’s just put it out there. Root canal therapy isn’t a painful process. It is no different than getting a filling or crown regarding discomfort. The use of local anesthetic had all but wiped out the need for fear related to dental treatment, including a procedure like a root canal. But we know that may not be enough.

Patients of Hampton Dental Associates can expect to receive the utmost care from our experienced team. We’ve been serving the Milwaukee area for nearly a century, and we continue to value the relationships we have with each patient. If you need root canal therapy or any level of care, we are happy to incorporate sedation dentistry such as nitrous oxide to help alleviate stress and anxiety.

It isn’t necessary to feel fearful of seeing the dentist, or of undergoing a procedure like a root canal. We’re here to support you with information, friendly care, and relaxation techniques. For more information, call 414-377-5711.

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