Why might I need Root Canal Therapy?

Root Canal Milwaukee, WIMilwaukee, WI area patients who are faced with dental concerns may be worried about the dreaded “root canal” procedure. Fortunately, this procedure is anything but scary! Root canal therapy is a treatment that is given to save a tooth from extraction. It maintains the natural tooth structure while treating the internal problem that often causes patients to have toothaches. The treatment itself is done with proper sedation and anesthetics to ensure patients are comfortable throughout the procedure.

Do I need root canal therapy?

The most common situations in which patients may need root canal therapy include:

  • An abscess
  • An infection of the dental pulp
  • An extremely large cavity
  • Trauma/injury to the natural tooth structure

How does root canal therapy work?

The procedure itself is a relatively simple treatment that is done right in the dental office under the care and attention of Dr. Richard Winter at Hampton Dental Associates, SC. Dr. Richard Winter takes x-rays and diagnoses the condition before moving forward with the procedure. After anesthetizing the patient and ensuring they are comfortable, he makes a hole to access the inner portion of the tooth. This is where the dental pulp is. The dental pulp houses the blood supply and the nerves of the tooth that keep it alive. The pulp is carefully removed and then the canals of the tooth are disinfected. Once completed, a material called gutta percha fills the canals, and the dentist seals off the tooth with composite resin bonding. In many situations, Dr. Richard Winter may also fabricate and place a dental crown over the tooth’s structure to give it an extra layer of strength and protection against natural chewing and biting forces which can break the now weakened tooth enamel.

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Dr. Richard Winter and the team at Hampton Dental Associates, SC welcome patients from the Milwaukee, WI area community who are ready to restore the health of their smile with root canal therapy and other dental procedures available in our practice. Call (414) 464-9021 today to make your appointment at the office, conveniently located at 5323 West Hampton Avenue.

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