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What Comes After Your Root Canal?

Young,Woman,With,Sensitive,Teeth,And,Cup,Of,Hot,CoffeeIn root canal procedures, dentists remove the nerve and pulp of a tooth. Afterward, they’ll clean and seal the newly created inner space. This process stops infections from worsening and allows your dentist to save the tooth. Root canals have a scary reputation, but they’re not as bad as you might expect. Here’s what you can look forward to after your procedure.

How It Feels After a Root Canal

Although many view root canals as painful, the reality is different. In terms of sensation, these surgeries are about the same as getting a filling.

Also, remember that you may receive your root canal under local anesthesia—although this isn’t always necessary. In this case, your mouth might feel numb for a few hours.

If your infection or pain was severe before your procedure, you might be at an increased risk of sensitivity afterward. Most people find that taking over-the-counter pain relief, like ibuprofen, is enough to deal with these side effects.

Eating After a Root Canal

Your root canal procedure isn’t technically over until the tooth is restored. This doesn’t always happen on the same day as the pulp removal and cleaning. Depending on your situation, you might receive a permanent filling or crown to keep the inner space clean and damage-free.

It’s important to be careful between getting your pulp removed and receiving the final seal. Try not to chew with that tooth to prevent breakage—the area will be fragile and possibly inflamed. Follow your dentist’s instructions to keep your mouth as clean as possible.

Resuming Life as Usual

Most people find that root canals only minimally interrupt their routine. For example, you can usually return to school or work immediately. Your experience may vary depending on how much anesthesia you receive and whether you have multiple procedures. Talk to your dentist to work out the best schedule for you and your needs.

Explore Your Root Canal Treatment Options at Hampton Dental Associates

Getting a root canal shouldn’t be scary, and finding a dentist who’ll guide you through the process makes it easier to take everything in stride. Ready to schedule your next consultation in Milwaukee, WI? Talk to the team at Hampton Dental Associates by calling 414-464-9021 or booking online.

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