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Same Day Teeth

Case ID: 5413

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Case Details

This is a case study for a patient that has been coming to Hampton Dental for 32 years!

She started with a gap between her teeth she did not like and then had porcelain crowns that lasted 32 years!

In our first photograph we see the smile and the gap or diastema. The close-up photo of photo 2 shows the failing fillings and the space between her front teeth which she found unattractive. The beautiful porcelain reconstruction shows a broad gorgeous smile that closed all of the spaces and replaced the old, leaky fillings with new beautiful crowns that complimented her face.

While these restorations lasted 32 years the patient developed a dry mouth that had her using mints all the time! These created deep decay and soon she lost many teeth and desired a replacement option for her smile.

In photo 4 we can see the tooth loss that affected her smile. The all-new smile she opted for was in photograph 5! This was same day teeth where diseased teeth are removed, implants were placed, and a trial smile was inserted the day of the surgery! After a suitable healing period for the upper and lower arches, final zirconia bridges were made and inserted which gave her a youthful smile again!

Photo 6 shows her meeting with the anesthesiologist that put her to sleep so she could wake up with a new set of teeth!

The before (photo 7) and the after photo 8 high-light a huge life-changing alteration in her attitude and smile.

Another view of the broad smile. (photo 9.)

Photo 10: The completed upper and lower arch with bridges on implants.

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