Historical and Current Advancements in Dental Rehabilitation

More and more people are becoming aware of, or perhaps hopeful for, tooth replacements that can be completed in one day.. or the same treatment session. The prospect of being toothless is certainly not appealing to anyone.

Historical Beginning

Nobel Biocare is well known for its pioneering status and seemingly unrelenting advancements in cutting edge tooth replacement technologies and procedures.

It wasn’t too long ago Nobel Biocare created the Teeth-in-One-Hour procedure that combined concepts of immediate function implants, 3 Dimensional Catscans, CAD/CAM Engineering and Titanium milling equipment that could literally create an entire jaw of tooth replacements that could be surgically completed in one hour.

Nobel Guides

An integral part of the Nobel Biocare teeth in an hour concept is the use of a surgical guide, or drilling template, that enables the dentist to precisely place each implant at the correct depth and angle that enables an immediate load or installation of the fixed bridge to the jawbone.


Upper Jaw Implant Guide

Generic Surgery Drilling Guides

Drilling guides are now used almost routinely for several brands of implant devices. These guides all but eliminate the common errors associated with “free hand placements” which can be critical for certain types of jawbone structures.


Lower Jaw Implant Guide

Immediate Dentures

Current denture wearers

Another tooth replacement treatment option that is becoming more and more popular. Patients who are already toothless (edentulous) can be fitted with an immediate denture prosthetic that looks and feels like a custom fixed bridge, when supported with implants or mini implants.

Newly Edentulated

Patients undergoing multiple extractions for treatment of Periodontitis, routine affordable replacements of worn out teeth or failed – broken bridgework are excellent candidates for an immediate denture. The perfect affordable alternative to fixed bridges or multiple dental implants that might require additional bone grafting.


Mini Implants

Mini implant devices (Imtec, Sterngold, IntraLock) are also used by Dr. Winter in combination with regular implants to create a one day tooth replacement strategy in situations where bone grafting and periodontal procedures are required. Most patients no longer have to wait for tissues to heal before functional teeth can be placed onto or into the jaw.

All on Four Titanium Bridge

More recently, a newly developed titanium and implant bridge hybrid was developed (Nobel Biocare) specifically for long time denture wearers who seek a premium, definitive treatment that can permanently eliminate the need for a lower denture. Four or more healthy implant sites are selected through Ct Scan analysis. The requirement for bone grafting is eliminated. Immediate function implants are placed and then loaded with the new titanium reinforced bridge that is fabricated prior to surgery.

Titanium infrastructures enable patients to select the best grades of porcelain teeth to replace or reconstruct smiles that surpass what Mother Nature provides.


Fixed Lower Jaw Bridge Titanium Frame

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