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Seminars and Lectures

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Dr. Winter got to meet with and discuss topics with Dr. Kumar Patel, the inventor of the CO2 laser that Dr. Winter lectured on in Phoenix Arizona at the 2nd Annual American Laser Study Club meeting. Dr. Winter spoke on MMCL or Modified Minimal Crown Lengthening; a technique he pioneered to preserve as much bone and gum tissue as possible while rescuing terminal teeth and dentition.

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This is a picture of Dr. Richard Winter with Dr. Charles Cobb, the world’s foremost authority on lasers and Periodontal therapy.

Recent Course – Toronto, Canada

Recent Lectures – Dr. Winter spoke at the American Laser Study Club in Phoenix, Arizona on March 29th, 2019

The Symposium is made up over 50 presentations in 3 sessions: Laser Frenectomy and Beyond; Laser Dentistry, Surgery and Therapy; and Veterinary Laser Dentistry, Surgery and Therapy. Hands-on laser training is also available. Registration ends March 25th at midnight. Time is running out, Register Now!

Laser Dentistry, Surgery and Therapy Session presenters include: Praveen Arany, BDS, MDS; Manuel Castillo, DDS; Claudia Cotca, DDS, MPH; Elizabeth Fleming, DDS; Martin A. Kaplan, DMD; Brynn L. Leroux, DDS; Robert Levine, DDS; Seena Patel, DMD, MPH; Janet Press, RDH; Ron Rubin, DMD; Warren B. Seiler, III, MD; Ben A. Sutter, DMD; and Richard B. Winter, DDS.


Recent Lecture – West Coast District Dental Association Annual Meeting in Tampa Bay

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Recent Lectures – Inaugural American Laser Study Club Meeting in Orlando

Dr. Winter and Dr. Convissar a leading expert on Laser technology discussing questions posed by the audience.

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Dr. Winter lecturing at the ACLS meeting on the use of the 10,600nm laser in General Dentistry

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Dr. Winter with Dr. Robert Strauss the head of the VA Craniofacial surgical center and Dr. Peter Vitruk laser physicist and inventor of the LightScalpel 10,600 nm CO2 laser that was discussed in Dr. Winter’s lecture.

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Dr. Winter had the honor of meeting and then lecturing to the inventor of the CO2 laser: Dr. Kumar Patel who in 1964 took atomic lasers and made the first molecular laser increasing the power from .1Watts to .75 Watts

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Recent Lectures – LightScalpel Laser User Symposium 2017

Richard Winter lectured at the LightScalpel User Symposium in Tucson, AZ.
The Symposium brings together clinicians from different fields of dentistry and medicine. The event allows clinicians to exchange interdisciplinary ideas with the goal of developing much-needed standards, guidelines, and protocols for the Laser Frenectomy procedure, ultimately benefiting patients of all ages. Among other topics of the Symposium are the latest and most popular soft-tissue LightScalpel surgeries for dental specialties ranging from pediatrics to implant dentistry. LightScalpel lasers were also available on-site to facilitate the discussion and sharing techniques.

See some pictures from this seminar below.

Recent Lectures – General Dentistry As A Specialty

Richard Winter lectured at The Okannagan Dental Society meeting on October 20th and 21st in Kelowna BC. He lectured on General Dentistry as a Specialty and gave a hands on program on Advanced Treatment Planning and Guided Implant Surgery.

He covered topics including:

  • How to make composite restorations fun and predictable.
  • How to enjoy denture dentistry and why it is more crucial now than ever before to make beautiful dentures.
  • Turbyfill deluxe dentures, how to make them and why they shouldn’t be your final restoration.
  • “Upgradeable Dentistry” a paradigm for success!
  • Predictable impressions and how they can lead to success in full arch and single restorations on implants and teeth.
  • Complex dental treatment, how to treatment plan for success.
  • How to recognize the need for grafting and how to talk about implants so patients will say, “yes!”
  • Go back to your offices on Monday and start incorporating principles learned immediately.
  • How to help our patients stay engaged in their care for their lives.
  • Fool proof ways to help people choose the dentistry that’s right for them!

It was a very well attended meeting and the sights in Kelowna and Salmon Arm British Columbia were beautiful!

See some pictures from this conference below.


“Dr. Winter is a very gifted, charismatic and hands on teacher. He draws from his learning experiences to help facilitate your own learning process. With an emphasis on quality comprehensive dentistry, critical treatment planning and being able to offer patients both short term and long term options, my practice has been greatly enhanced. Dr. Winter has helped me to better help my patients.”

Additional Lectures

Fabulous Denture Dentistry – Full Mouth Reconstruction Without A Handpiece

In this full day course some of the topics Dr. Winter will discuss are:

  1. How to do Turbyfill Deluxe Dentures.
  2. Why you may not want to do them as your final prosthesis.
  3. How to fabricate gorgeous cost effective standard dentures.
  4. How to save money to improve your bottom line.
  5. Why dentures are the “Blueprint” to prosthetic success.
  6. Why dentures should be a “process”, not an “event.”
  7. How to find Vertical Dimension predictably.
  8. Metal occlusals, a great idea!
  9. How to get your patients out of denture pain instantly!
  10. How to read your denture patient like a book!
  11. Denture Recall visits? If you aren’t doing this you are losing money.

The process of denture dentistry is an art that was passed down from Dr. Earl Pound to Dr. Walter “Jack” Turbyfil and on to me. The modifications I employ from these applications have helped me enjoy denture success for 24 years and these are the tips and tricks I would like to pass on to you.

During this course we will also explore how dentures are a prelude to complex dentistry. This prosthetic journey will include mini-implants, hybrids and traditional implants as well as hybrids, overdentures and bridges on implants. At every turn, the restorative, prosthetically minded general dentist will learn what it takes to achieve excellence with an eye toward complete dentures.

This course can shift its emphasis based upon the needs of the audience.

Also covered:

  • Lang Duplicate Dentures or Emergency Spares; a true profit center!
  • Dentures as treatment planning tools.
  • Dentures for CBCT scan surgical appliances.
  • Provisional Dentures-A Blue Print for Prosthetic Success.
  • How To Handle The Truly Difficult Denture Patient.
  • Dentures for Mini-Implants and Snap-On-Dentures-guidelines to success.

Upgradeable Dentistry: A Paradigm for Success


This course is designed to teach the integration of many facets of modern dentistry into a program that will allow patients to accept ideal dentistry without objection.

Course Objectives

  • Learn how to regain excitement through dentistry.
  • Learn fundamentals and advanced methods of treatment planning for an “Upgradeable” practice paradigm.
  • Learn the Turbyfill Denture Techniques in addition to the placement and restoration of mini-implants.
  • Learn to discuss comprehensive dentistry in a way that elicits confidence in our patients.

Here is an excerpt from the October 2009 AGD Impact news magazine about Dr. Richard Winter and his concepts on Upgradeable Dentistry:

Also, in a series of Dentistry Today articles that began in June 2009, Richard Winter, DDS, MAGD, lays out his concept of “upgradeable dentistry,” which provides for a diligent continuum of care as patients gradually progress from removable Prosthodontics to implants. His approach, he believes, builds in excellence at every level by taking a full measure of each patient, which provides the basis for long-term success and patient satisfaction. Financial considerations are one part of a paradigm that helps to “more fully educate dentists and patients about the many levels of dentistry that are not always discussed in appropriate detail due to insurance limitations, time constraints, and preconceptions about patient desires,” he says. “Patients aren’t always treated with the dignity and respect they deserve with regard to their dental treatment options. Upgradeable dentistry is a concept that allows people the dignity to choose options that will improve their oral health in a sequential fashion, based on their emotional, financial, and personal readiness.”

Full and partial dentures are considered “provisional” prostheses in Dr. Winter’s practice, yet he also goes to “great lengths” on denture fabrication and fitting to create prototype restorations that serve as the foundation for any future implant-based treatment. Dr. Winter moves forward on dentures with each patient only after lengthy communication on the consequences of bone loss and prolonged denture wear as well as information on the range of upgrade options available over time.

The underlying lesson, says Dr. Winter, is that dentistry is a “dynamic process” rather than a “static event.” “Patients who are allowed to remain engaged in their ongoing care through continual upgrades will provide an economic benefit to a dental practice while creating a huge dental benefit for the patient,” he says. “This is realized, in part, through increased masticatory forces; improved esthetics, phonetics, and function; and social satisfaction, to name just a few factors.”

The course will be an exciting journey into clinical dentistry. It will be rich with clinical photography and will be delivered in an exciting and relaxed way.


Lansing, MI

The Michigan Academy Of General Dentistry Presents

The Membership Appreciation Day II Fall Seminar

“General Dentistry As A Specialty”


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