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Front: Pre-op full face photo of the patient with unsatisfactory crowns and uneven smile display. Post-op with implant, tissue grafting and new maxillary crowns.

Close-Up: Pre-op asymmetric gum display and uneven crowns as well as the fact that they are tipped too far lingually or toward the tongue. Post-op natural after smile showing a better and fuller smile with symmetric deluxe porcelain crowns.

Front: Retracted pre-operative view note that the upper left lateral was fractured and required extraction. Pre-operative retracted view showing the missing lateral incisor note that the healing that occurred after periodontal surgery, implant placement and proper healing.

Close-Up: Implant used to replace the missing lateral incisor. Custom shad photos to transmit to the laboratory proper hue and chroma and color of new crowns.

Close-Up: Old crowns were sliced off carefully to begin improving contours and re-preparing the remaining tooth structure. Temporary crowns used to help allow the new tissues and implant to heal.

Close-Up: Final smile with custom crowns a broader more confident smile and the implant crown to complete a maxillary anterior rehabilitation. Final anterior crowns retracted to show custom esthetics and symmetric gum tissues.


The case presented here is of a young female who had undergone 4 anterior root canals, complete with new porcelain crowns on each tooth.

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