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Front: Pre-op full face of chipped bonding with a black triangle between the front teeth. Post-op completed porcelain reconstruction using porcelain Empress veneers.

Close-up: Pre-op close up of chipped composite and the black triangle between the front two teeth. Post-op natural completed porcelain veneers and her amazing smile.

Close-up: Post-op right lateral view after cementation of the veneers and left lateral view of deluxe veneers.

Close-up: Post-op occlusal view of the conservative porcelain veneers. Post-up veneer rehabilitation blends naturally with their existing teeth and the elimination of the black triangle that had bother her for so long.


Porcelain Veneer Makeover

The chief complaints our patient had concerned the color of her teeth and the unusual spotting or mottled appearance of her smile. The spotting and “banded look” was caused by the use of tetracycline, a popular antibiotic.

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