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Case ID: 33339

Front: Before showing bone loss from partial denture wear and after picture of block grafting and implant rehabilitation.

Front: Preparing the recipient site for a ramus block graft to rebuild the width of bone for a dental implant. Block of bone being harvested from the mandibular ramus (lower jaw bone area)

Front: Block of bone being taken from the lower posterior jaw to the upper maxilla. Ramus block graft screwed into the recipient site

Front: Lower ramus block graft placed in deficient mandibular bone. Upper implant placed after the block graft healed.

Front: Lower mandibular right where 2 implants and crowns were placed. Lower left mandible where one implant and crown were placed to restore the mandibular chewing and get rid of the lower partial denture.

Front: Close up of the single crown and photo 12 shows the chimneys the crowns are cemented on to.


Prolonged Partial Denture Damage

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