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Full Mouth Implant Rehabilitation With Hybrid Implant Prostheses

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Dr. Richard & Dr. Bruce Winter | Hampton Dental Associates | Milwaukee, WI

A patient with severe pain presented with symptoms of denture discomfort… >>Read Full Article


A patient who has been wearing an upper denture and lower partial for more than 10 years… >>Read Full Article

Severe pain from Advanced Periodontitis led to comprehensive sinus and block grafting and implants to rehabilitate a patient who was in severe pain.

This patient had bilateral sinus lifts, block grafts from his ramus and symphysis (back of lower jaw and chin) He had 19 implants and custom chimneys with a hybrid porcelain implant bridge to restore his situation.

He was very depressed over the pain his mouth gave him every day and he went to dentists that only wanted to offer him dentures. His daughter is in the medical field and he didn’t wish her to see her dad with dentures.

See above case images for the surgical sequence: Sinus lifts, chin block grafts, ramus grafts to rebuild foundation.

Dentures, or removable prosthetics, are a popular treatment choice for patients of all ages who seek basic dental function and acceptable cosmetic value. The economics or affordability issue involving denture treatments, however, can often cause tissue problems that are not anticipated by today’s younger patients.

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This patient’s testimonial

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The First Dentist To LISTEN!

“Dear Dr. Winter,

I can’t tell you how much you have changed my life! I was depressed and had so much pain in my life that I didn’t know where to turn.

I saw several doctors and they all told me they couldn’t do anything for me except make me dentures. You were the first dentist to “listen” to me. You not only gave me all of my options but you came to all of my surgeries. I feel like I have my life back. I can eat and chew without pain and I can smile all the time–without pain!

Thank you for everything you have done. I was at the deepest depression of my life and now I am enjoying my life to the fullest. My implant reconstruction was amazing and I wish I had done it many years ago.”

– RJ., Milwaukee

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