Implant Overdenture Patient

Case ID: 71778

Front: Pre-op full face photo of a patient with severe periodontal disease and final smile display with bar implant overdentures.

Front: Close up of the asymmetric smile pre-operatively and retracted view of mobile, painful teeth.

Front: Right lateral view of her smile showing missing and shifting teeth with post-op smile implant overdentures in place.

Front: Bar supported by 4 dental implants and a metal reinforced overdenture over the bar that will retain it.

Front: Full face smile with implant overdentures in place.


Over the years her oral health wasn’t as good as it could have been. At the time she presented in our office she had several misshaped teeth, prolonged periodontitis (advanced gum disease), exposed roots, significant gum recession and numerous loose teeth. Bone resorption was significant in both the upper (maxillary) and lower (mandibular) jaws.

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