Large Diastema Patient

Case ID: 91944

Front: Pre-op with bonding that looked unnatural . Post-op after completed porcelain crowns with natural staining and texture developed for proper light reflection.

Front: Removal of bonding on upper teeth and the large gap. It was large enough for a pencil to fit it! Post-op after completed porcelain crowns and his natural smile with gap removed by crowning 4 anterior teeth.

Close-Up: MDM or master diagnostic model used to pre-plan the final spacing, shape and contours of the anticipated crowns. Crowns were compared to shade guides so the laboratory would have proper guidance as to how to layer the porcelain.


Patient with a large gap that he wished to fill.

Since filling or crowning just 2 teeth would have made the front teeth unnaturally large, the space was reapportioned between the 4 upper front teeth and porcelain deluxe crowns were placed.

Porcelain – AGC Gold Crowns Makeover

Although dental bonding with newer materials was a treatment option, our patient decided to treat the affected teeth with brand new porcelain… and selected premium AGC Gold Crowns with fused porcelain.

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