Precision Attachment Partial Patient

Case ID: 58758

Front: Pre-operative view of patient missing several teeth and final smile view.

Front: Smile view showing lower teeth erupted to upper arch and new smile with bridges, crowns and precision attachment partials.

Front: Right lateral view showing lack of space and root tips with recurrent decay and extreme overbite.

Front: Left lateral view showing severely altered biting plane, also recurrent decay around crowns and final smile view.

Front: Occlusal view of upper arch showing broken teeth. The new crowns and precision partial showing how clasps were eliminated on the front teeth to avoid metal display.

Front: 2 splinted crowns and how the partial denture holds on to the round attachment. Splinted front crowns with the Bredent attachment to hold on to the partial without a metal clasp being seen.

Front: The precision attachment coming off the crowns and full smile view after completion of precision attachment therapy.

Front: Upper arch without a partial denture clasp as its retained with a precise attachment. Retracted anterior view of completed maxillary rehabilitation.


This patient received a bridge with a precision attachment partial denture.

Patients with professional careers or extreme executive function tend to have a cosmetic need that assures they are comfortable with their appearance either in interactions where they are the focus of large groups of people (public speakers, educators) or where interactions are face to face or on a one to one basis (consultants, medical professionals).

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