Advanced Periodontitis

Case ID: 71009

Front: Full mouth rehabilitation with dental implants and fixed bridges.

Close-up: Complete implant rehabilitation.

Side: Splayed teeth brought to a more normal position to eliminate lip strain.

Close-up: Implants in place with their chimneys or abutments on and the implant bridges after cementation.

Close-up: Diagnostic models with after photo showing how we matched our initial plan.

Front: CAT scan masks of where the teeth started (green) and where they were planned (purple) to bring teeth in to a normal bite relationship. 


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Full mouth rehabilitation with dental implants and fixed bridges.

Unfortunately, for some patients, certain pre-existing conditions can actually accelerate certain aspects of the overall disease process. For the patient pictured here in our treatment series, the extreme amount of flaring is caused by an orthodontic issue (Class II Malocclusion) that wasn’t treated during the patient’s childhood or teenage years.

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