Maxillary implant rehabilitation

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Case ID: 19826

Front: Before and after full face view of patient that presented with severe pain, headaches and fibromyalgia.

Front: Pre-operative retracted view and intraoral photo showing altered passive eruption, curve of Spee, and curve of Wilson.

Front: Physics Forceps being used. Maxillary arch after healing.

Front: Retracted view of the first provisional denture showing the increased vertical dimension of occlusion. Approved denture with BaSo4 balls for CBCT scans.

Front: 3DDX rendering of completed maxillary surgical guide. Occlusal view of approved surgical guide.

Front: Surgical guide with pushpins inserted in maxilla. Placement of a 2.0-mm key for osteotomy development.

Front: Maxillary arch after removal of surgical guide. Occlusal view of all implants with healing abutments prior to impressioning.

Front: Panoramic radiograph showing implant placement.

Front: Tissue during abutment connection. MIS snap cap impression copings in place.

Front: Aquasil Ultra Extra pick-up impression of MIS snap caps and impression of denture with holes to facilitate cross mounting. Abutments were milled and delivered with abutment placement jigs.

Front: Right & Left lateral view of bridge framework with Promotec pattern resin and wax-up of anterior teeth; verifying aesthetics, phonetics, and the maxillo-mandibular relationship.

Front: Framework with white anterior wax-up to verify aesthetics and the incisal-edge position. Cementation of the definitive bridge.

Front: Pre and post operative Smile.


Published Articles on this Patient’s Journey

Patients often present for treatment with complex issues that can be multifactorial in nature. The skeletal, dental, periodontal, anatomic, and neurosensory factors can often be miscontrued as… >>Read Full Article

Patient that presented with severe pain, headaches and fibromyalgia caused by eruption of lower teeth biting on her palate along with severe periodontal disease, corrected by maxillary implant rehabilitation.

A patient with fibromyalgia that was in severe pain helped with dental implants.

This patient’s testimonial

My Experience With Hampton Dental Has Been A Life Changing Event.

“Dr. Rick was able to correct several major defects in my mouth (TMJ, open bite) and create an eye-pleasing smile without the previous problems. His staff is remarkable and I would definitely recommend Hampton Dental to people seeking REAL treatment to problem mouths. This practice really cares about what’s best for their patients.

– J.W.”

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