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Front: Patient with ill-fitting partials. She has a severe underbite due to severe wear and improperly made dentures and partials. Full face after photo showing her smile.

Front: Right view shows clasps of partial are not on teeth anymore and amount of underbite. Left side view shows no teeth are touching on the left anymore. She can’t chew her food and this has resulted in dietary problems and abdominal pain.

Front: Frontal view shows how much the lower teeth have moved up to try and meet her upper teeth. This is called super-erruption. A CBCT or CAT scan formatted to show planned implants in the lower jaw.

Front: A view of the CBCT showing implants placed virtually in the jaw bone. This also shows severe deterioration of the lower jaw bone from prolonged partial denture wear.

Front: A surgical guide was made to match the virtual implant planning and this shows the surgical guide in the mouth. The implants placed in the lower jaw bone.

Front: The healed implants ready to restore. Lower Zirconia Bruxzir bridge ready to deliver to the patient.

Front: The lower surface shows how smooth the bridge is and how it will be easy to clean. This retracted view shows the upper denture and the lower bridge in place. We have restored an ideal bite so she can chew her food properly.

Front: Full face after photo showing her smile. Full face view of the patient after deliver of her implant bridge.


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This patient had severe bone loss from ill-fitting dentures and partials. This resulted in mouth pain and inability to chew her food. The treatment plan allowed her to start with implant dentistry to place fixed teeth in her lower jaw and a removable denture in the upper jaw. The ability to place implants allowed us to recreate her smile, her chewing forces and put her teeth in the proper position. Cone Beam x-rays and virtual implant planning helped to insure the proper placement of the implants with a CAT scan fabricated surgical guide. The full details of the case can be read in the article below.

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