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Front: Pre-op full face and post-op full face view of patient that had a severe Mountain Dew habit.

Close-Up: Pre-operative before view of the severely decayed teeth and the after smile showing the deluxe dentures.


This is a patient that had a severe Mountain Dew habit. His teeth were beyond rehabilitation and he opted for deluxe dentures.

Cosmetic – Functional Occlusal Rehabilitation

Perhaps the most common cause of enamel loss is due to the routine decay that most people experience as a simple cavity. Left untreated, as we all know, cavities become larger and larger and can completely destroy a tooth.

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He was a Mountain Dew man…. loved soda… and drank lots of it. If anyone has wondered how severe decay can accumulate due to an unrelenting bath of corn syrup and sugar enriched sodas…

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