Full Mouth Reconstruction Patient

Case ID: 58169

Front: Pre-op full face view of fractured porcelain crowns, black fillings and lack of a full smile. Post-op showing natural smile in a full mouth reconstruction case. He now has a full smile with out his upper arch looking narrow and aged

Close-Up: Right lateral view showing missing teeth, root exposure from gum disease and extensive silver fillings. Post-op full smile close up to reveal new bridges and crowns and a very pleasing smile.

Close-Up: Retracted view of the porcelain reconstruction. The gums are tight and healthy and the crowns blend in with his complexion perfectly. Notice how the new crowns are framed within his newly grown mustache!


A very pleasing and natural smile!

Full-Mouth Porcelain Rehabilitation. Cosmetic Drama with Best Occlusal Function.

Our patient had neglected his teeth for years. He had a chipped front bridge, missing teeth, and several large failing silver fillings.

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