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Dental Hygiene

Young man checking his breath with his hand.

What can you do about bad breath?

Having a cosmetic dentistry procedure can do wonders for improving your health, your smile, your quality of life, and your confidence level. However, it can be hard for others to appreciate your stunning new smile if your breath is bad. Having bad breath can not only negatively affect how others interact with you; it can also be

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Should you be using mouthwash?

The commercials claim that mouthwash can do it all – fight cavities, give you fresh breath, even give you whiter teeth. But, you’ve tried one or two different brands and they didn’t seem to do anything at all. Is mouthwash important for preventing oral health problems, or is it just a waste of money?  What

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Put a Lid on it

When speaking with others, one of the concerns that many people have is their breath. We may have straight, bright, beautiful teeth, but if the breath is odorous, it will work against us. You may have encountered a person or two in your lifetime of face to face interactions whose breath made a bad first

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Taking your Smile on the Road

It’s that time of year when the warmer weather creates a strong desire to be outdoors. For many families, this means taking to the open highway to visit faraway relatives or cozy campgrounds. Whatever your summer plans may include, we are fairly certain of one thing: your normal routine will be disrupted, at least for

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Are Your Gums Bleeding?

Do you notice a tinge of red every time you spit when brushing your teeth? That could be a sign that your gums are bleeding. The problem with many people is that they often ignore seemingly insignificant problems such as this, thinking that it is harmless and will disappear on its own. However, there are

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