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Root Canal

What Comes After Your Root Canal?

In root canal procedures, dentists remove the nerve and pulp of a tooth. Afterward, they’ll clean and seal the newly created inner space. This process stops infections from worsening and allows your dentist to save the tooth. Root canals have a scary reputation, but they’re not as bad as you might expect. Here’s what you can look […]

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The Truth About Root Canals

Most people probably equate a root canal to an IRS audit (or something equally as painful). But do root canals really deserve this horrible reputation? And why would your dentist recommend such a torture, anyway? Here are some facts about root canals so that you can decide for yourself if they are something to dread! 

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Reconstructive dentistry allows patients to restore their smile

Dr. Richard Winter of Hampton Dental Associates, SC is a professional dentist in the area of Milwaukee, WI who is pleased to offer patients a wide selection of treatments for the smile. This includes reconstructive procedures such as the treatment of bone loss, root canal therapy, and periodontal disease. Reconstructive treatments are performed to maintain

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Why might I need Root Canal Therapy?

Milwaukee, WI area patients who are faced with dental concerns may be worried about the dreaded “root canal” procedure. Fortunately, this procedure is anything but scary! Root canal therapy is a treatment that is given to save a tooth from extraction. It maintains the natural tooth structure while treating the internal problem that often causes

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The Myth About Root Canals

Dr. Rick Winter and Hampton Dental Associates’ number one goal is to keep your smile healthy and beautiful for your lifetime.  However, we understand that many factors may contribute to a patient needing extensive tooth restoration or repair. Sometimes these instances are due to a lack of at home dental care, dental trauma, or other

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