May 2013

Smoking and Gum Disease

When we see our patients for a New Patient exam, a tooth ache, or a consultation the first thing we do is an oral cancer examination. The dentist is often the first line in the medical community to find and diagnose cancer of the head and neck! In addition to counseling patients regarding smoking cessation …

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Soda–Our 2 Cents

Of all the problems we face at Hampton Dental the worst and most emotional is when patients show up with multiple decayed, missing and unsalvageable teeth and they are told they have to have dentures! The first thing we can ask is how much Mountain Dew do you drink per day? While I don’t want …

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Happy Mother’s Day

To all the mothers that care for their children and raise them to be the best they can be we salute you! Mother’s are the fabric and moral center for most families and we appreciate everything you do. We wish you a Happy Healthy Mother’s Day! Dr. Rick and Dr. Bruce We love you mom!

Upgradeable Dentistry

Seeing several patients this week with various dental problems it occurred to me that the reasons people say “yes” to dentistry are because it was explained well, they saw the need for the treatment and money was not a barrier. The concept of Upgradeable Dentistry which Dr. Rick lectures on is a concept that allows …

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Bulimia is devastating for your teeth. It is important to address this condition before valuable enamel is lost requiring expensive crowns and veneers. If you think you have this condition come in right away for a comprehensive exam and strategies for success. Dr. Rick

Getting Started

Time is a precious commodity….. it always seems that when one person momentarily has an abundance of it and desires to share it for communicating something…. it is oftentimes the case that others don’t. Dr Ariel and I hope to provide a means for making both general and specific announcements about our services and expanding …

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