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January 2015

A Look at Implant Overdentures

Everyone knows about dentures. We’ve been seeing them in movies and associated them with the really old for a long time. But what if you need dentures? Even if you don’t feel old enough yet, it is always a possibility. You might want to look into implant overdentures. An overdenture fits over your gumline and

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Are Your Gums Bleeding?

Do you notice a tinge of red every time you spit when brushing your teeth? That could be a sign that your gums are bleeding. The problem with many people is that they often ignore seemingly insignificant problems such as this, thinking that it is harmless and will disappear on its own. However, there are

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Ways to Improve Your Bad Breath

Chronic bad breath is one of the most nerve wrecking dental concerns experienced by our patients. Patients who feel that they have bad breath that won’t easily subside want effective solutions, quickly. If you believe that you might suffer from bad breath or would just like to avoid this condition in the future is it

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