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What Causes Dental Bone Loss?

Dental bone lossDental bone loss is when the jawbone loses bone mass around a tooth or a tooth root. While this is a natural part of life through age, there are other causes that can accelerate dental bone loss. An excessive amount of dental bone loss can cause a host of different dental problems. Let’s take a look at the different causes of dental bone loss so you can be best informed about how to prevent it.

Causes of Dental Bone Loss


As mentioned before, age is one of the highest causes of dental bone loss. Our bodies have a natural process of replacing old bone as we age. However, at a certain point, our bodies begin to not be able to replace bone tissue as effectively. This leads to overall bone density decreases throughout the body, including the jaw.


The loss of bone from periodontal disease is the number one reason we lose bone in our jaws next to extractions. Failure to visit the dentist, lack of nightly flossing and brushing can lead to an increase of bacteria in your mouth. These bacteria eat whatever food remnants are left between teeth, under bridges or around implants and can cause acid to form which eats away at your bone. Periodontal disease gets far worse in smokers. So if you smoke, try and quit! That includes vaping, or any smoke that enters your mouth. Treat gum disease and you will curtail bone loss!


Osteoporosis is a medical condition that primarily affects women and causes less dense bones. As mentioned above, a decrease in bone density leads to dental bone loss. This process is accelerated for people with osteoporosis.

Tooth Extractions

Teeth naturally stimulate bone growth through chewing and talking. The movement of the teeth is used so the body knows to provide support in those areas. However, when a tooth is extracted, and nothing is put in its place, there is no stimulation. The body will stop promoting bone growth in that area, and dental bone loss could occur.


Trauma caused to the teeth and jawbone can cause dental bone loss. Damaged and missing teeth will be unable to stimulate the bone. Also, a damaged jawbone may heal incorrectly. Both of these situations can lead to dental bone loss.

Letting the Professionals Help

The idea of losing bone tissue can be intimidating and worrisome for your oral health. Dental bone loss is a natural part of life. However, excessive and early loss can lead to complications. Thankfully, our doctors at Hampton Dental are here to help diagnose potential dental bone loss and treat it. Our team understands the importance of not just preserving what dental bone tissue is there but also ensuring you can do all the things you’ve been doing symptom-free. Contact Dr. Rick Winter at 414-464-9021 today.

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