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Lost a Tooth? Consider a Dental Implant

If dental trauma, poor oral hygiene or gum disease has caused you to require a tooth extraction – don’t fret. The spaces left behind from a removed tooth can be easily and beautifully filled with a dental implant.  Dental implant technology can treat a variety of complex dental problems and no other option offers the superior function of an implant.

Dental implants restore complete tooth function allowing for easy chewing, eating and long-term comfort. Implants also look very natural; in fact most people will never know that you’re missing a natural tooth.

If you are missing a tooth it is important to have that tooth replaced as quickly as possible. When teeth are missing and gaps are created in your smile, other teeth may shift or move as a result. This can cause damage to your other teeth or cause them to shift in a way that is not cosmetically pleasing. Additionally, missing teeth can cause your jaw to weaken and change the appearance of your facial profile.

For those patients seeking more permanent options than dentures to repair several missing teeth, dental implants can be combined with a dental bridge to create a high-functioning, natural-looking tooth replacement.

Don’t let your missing teeth keep you from enjoying foods that you love or from being comfortable with your smile.  Contact Hampton Dental Associates today to learn if a dental implant could help you restore complete function to your jaw and teeth.

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