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What is a dental crown?

Closeup of handsome guy wearing pink shirt Dental crowns can help restore your broken or damaged teeth – but really they can do so much more. Read on for more information about crowns and what they can do for you!

What are dental crowns used to treat?

Dental crowns are simply “caps” that are placed over teeth that are extensively damaged. This may be a tooth that has a very large cavity; in this case, a large filling may cause the tooth to break, so a cap is used instead. Or, it may be a tooth that has other cracks or is very worn or a tooth that is very discolored, oddly shaped, or very small. Crowns can also act as “anchors” for dental bridges.

How are crowns placed?

Getting a crown takes two appointments. At the first one, after you are anesthetized, some of the tooth structure around the tooth will be shaved off and an impression will be made of your tooth, which will be sent to a lab. You’ll get a temporary crown to wear until your permanent one is ready, and your dentist will use cement to bond it into place.

Crowns may be made of lithium disilicate, zirconia, gold, or obsidian fused to metal. Your dentist will decide what material to use based on your aesthetic and health needs.

What are the benefits of a crown?

As far as patients are concerned, the most obvious benefit is probably that crowns look so natural that no one will even be able to tell you have one. Another benefit is that once you get your new crown, it can last up to 15 years, depending on the material used. Once you get your crown, your gums may feel tender, but you will be able to get back to your regular activities as soon as you leave your dentist’s office.

Of course, another large benefit of crowns is that they help to keep your teeth healthy. Damaged teeth can lead to infection, pain, and problems. Having healthy teeth also means having a healthy bite and a healthy jaw. If your teeth are painful, a crown may be the answer. Hampton Dental Associates in Milwaukee can help. Call (414) 464-9021 for an appointment today!

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