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  • Posted on: Nov 30 2014
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At Hampton Dental Associates we understand that your time and money are very precious.  No one wants to spend all of their extra time in the dental chair, undergoing costly procedures.  With the many frequent advances in dental technology there is no need for many patients to frequent our office. One example of these new and streamlined treatment options includes one-day dental implants.

shutterstock_144116593-300x200Dental implants are practically permanent dental devices that restore the beauty and function of your smile following tooth loss. A dental implant involves securing a titanium post into your jawbone to function as your new tooth’s “root”. The post is then capped off with a ceramic or porcelain crown to restore the appearance of the tooth. Typically this entire process would take multiple dental visits.

With one-day implants Dr. Rick Winter can replace your missing tooth in just one day. The installation of dental implants used to take many appointments over a series of weeks or even months. One-day implants can be installed to replace one or many of your missing teeth and offer the same beauty and function of implants that take longer to make and install.

Before coming in for your installation, your dentists will take images and measurements of your teeth so that your implant can be made. Once the implant is ready for installation you will visit the dentist for a one-day installation.  There will be no repeat visits to monitor gum healing, or to remove temporary crowns, etc. You’ll leave our office with a beautiful and fully restored smile – in just one day.

To learn more about one-day dental implants, contact Hampton Dental Associates today.

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