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Dr. Winter featured on Dentistry Today

Bulimia: Complex Etiology, Challenging Treatment

FullSizeRender-3-300x225-300x225Dr. Winter was featured on Dentistry Today’s “The Wednesday Watch” video show to talk about his latest article. The article is about Bulimia and how complex and challenging the treatment can be. Bulimia effects men and women alike and can have far reaching effects.

In his article, Dr. Winter says, “Eating disorders can have a significant and sustained impact on one’s health and are statistically the deadliest of all mental illnesses. Eating disorders affect more than 11 million people in the United States.” Bulimia affects the teeth from the frequent contact of stomach acid on tooth enamel and dentin. It cause erosion of the tooth structure. It can also cause hypersensitivity and pain.

Dr. Winter can help treat this complicated condition. To view this complete article, click here.

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