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Why Yellow Teeth Can Be A Sign Of Healthy Teeth

yellow teethWhitening strips, whitening toothpaste, whitening mouthwash, and there have even been ill-advised social media trends of people painting their teeth snow white. All this in an attempt to get that movie star, red carpet ready dazzling white smile. Although there’s nothing wrong with a bright white smile, you may be surprised to hear that there’s nothing wrong with an off-white or even slightly yellow smile. Keep reading to find out why your yellow teeth may in fact be a good thing!

I Thought Yellow Teeth Were ‘Dirty’? 

Although heavily stained teeth and teeth with large deposits of yellow plaque are certainly not indicative of good oral hygiene, it’s very possible for yellow-tinted teeth, especially if you use a good oral hygiene routine, to be perfectly healthy and clean!

Teeth Whitening Can Lead To Damage 

Another reason to let that smile not shine as bright is: Repeated whitening techniques have the possibility to weaken the tooth. As most teeth whitening treatments work by bubbling away surface stains these treatments can have the unintended effect of weakening the tooth. Don’t worry though. This really only happens with prolonged use, but it should still be noted that yellow teeth may actually be stronger than their diamond-bright white counterparts.

What Causes Yellow Teeth?

There can be a host of reasons that lead to teeth not being as bright white as you’d like. Anything that weakens or thins the enamel, such as getting older, grinding your teeth, or even a high-acidic diet. Yellow teeth can also be caused by oral disruptions such as smoking or illness. Though you can cut down on some of these activities, for example, forgoing coffee may help lower yellow teeth by limiting coffee staining, it’s important to remember that yellow teeth aren’t automatically harmful!

So What Can I Do To Get Whiter Teeth?

If you’d still like whiter teeth, it’s first and foremost most important to make sure you have an adequate oral hygiene routine. Make sure you’re brushing and flossing daily and as part of your oral hygiene routine, you have to include visits to the dentist! At Hampton Dental Associates S.C. we offer KOR whitening which is the gold standard for the whitest teeth available. We all want white teeth but if you are happy with your teeth, you certainly can have teeth that are natural looking without whitening.

If you’re in the Milwaukee area and are looking for professional and caring dental help, then look no further than Hampton Dental Associates! We’ve got your back and your mouth! Give us a call at 414-464-9021!

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