Is Dental Bone Loss Coming for You?

shutterstock-84575809-300x222There are many factors that can cause simple tooth decay, yet there are other factors that lead to more serious complications such as dental bone loss. Once this happens, the jawbone even in areas that are not directly related to the affected teeth may be lost. In most cases, such bone loss may be associated with osteoporosis, as the disease decreases bone density and causes the bones to become porous. Yet there are also other conditions that can greatly contribute to this loss.

Infected gums are great contributors.

Gum infections are among the most common causes of bone loss. This condition is usually chronic, which means that the infection may be present for months or even up to years. Once the infection spreads deeper into the gums, it often results to bone loss around a single tooth or a couple of teeth.

However, not all gum diseases are chronic in nature. In fact, there is such a thing as aggressive periodontitis which worsens quicker than the chronic type. This is a juvenile type of gum disease that usually develops during puberty.

Seek treatment for infected teeth right away.

Tooth infection is the second most common reason bone loss occurs. Once there is a cavity or decay in a tooth, or in a cracked tooth, the infection will most likely spread through the tooth root nerve and into the jawbone. This complication happens mostly in chronic infections.

Bone Loss in Milwaukee

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