Is full mouth reconstruction right for you?

Portrait of a young businessman sitting in an office with his colleagues in the backgroundHaving teeth that look good, feel good, and are healthy can take some work. Even when you take good care of your teeth, though, sometimes you may need a little extra help from your dentist. If you need a lot of help, though – say, more than one procedure to take care of many different issues – full mouth reconstruction may be the right choice for you.     

What is full mouth reconstruction?

The idea behind full mouth reconstruction is to get your teeth looking and feeling their best, with the combination of procedures that is right for you. You may be concerned about missing teeth, crooked teeth, teeth that are damaged or stained, or a misaligned bite that is causing you pain. Treatment may include crowns, tooth replacement, braces, a bridge, partial dentures, and bonding to repair minor issues. 

Your dentist will begin by giving you a thorough exam of your teeth, jawbone, and gums, and then he or she can tell you which treatments are recommended. Then the two of you will discuss your dental issues and your goals for treatment. A plan will be developed and the timeline discussed, including which procedure will be done in what order. 

What are the advantages of full mouth reconstruction?

The main advantage of a full mouth reconstruction, of course, is that when it is all done you will feel better and your teeth and gums will be healthy. Good oral health through taking care of all of your dental issues also means avoiding serious problems in the future, with your teeth, gums, and even the muscles of the face and jaw. You will also feel better about your smile, not only because of work done on your teeth, but because missing teeth can mean sagging facial skin and lines and wrinkles around your mouth that can make you look older than you really are. 

The staff at Hampton Dental Associates in Milwaukee can develop the right combination of procedures to help you fulfill your goals for healthy, beautiful teeth. Full mouth reconstruction can give you a whole new reason to smile. Call today for a consultation, at (414) 464-9021!

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