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Are jaw pain and tinnitus linked?

You may have been diagnosed with TMJ, and you may have been diagnosed with tinnitus. Although you may not have thought that the two had anything to do with each other, there may indeed be a link between them. Is it possible that getting treated for your TMJ may help your tinnitus? 

The link between TMJ and tinnitus

“TMJ” is a term commonly used to refer to the temporomandibular joint, but it is also used to refer to problems with the jaw. If the jaw joint becomes misaligned or damaged, it can cause jaw aches, headaches, muscle pain, ear pain, and pain while chewing and even talking. TMJ can be caused by a jaw injury, constant tooth grinding, or a connective tissue disease such as arthritis, among many other possibilities. It can also be caused by having teeth that are out of alignment, which can happen if you are missing a tooth, which allows your other teeth to move out of place. 

Tinnitus is a ringing or buzzing in the ears that may be there occasionally or all the time. It is actually quite common, but it can be very difficult to determine why a person has it. It may be due to a head or neck injury, a certain medication, a chronic health problem, or hearing loss. 

Recent research has shown that TMJ and tinnitus may be linked. Although researchers aren’t exactly sure why there is this link, it may have something to do with the muscles in the jaw being so close to the muscles in the ear. 

What can be done about my TMJ?

Your dentist probably isn’t the health professional to see if you have tinnitus, but he or she can help with TMJ – which may help to ease your tinnitus. There are different ways to treat TMJ, including dental implants, which can help to align your other teeth, relieving stress on your jaw and helping with jaw pain. 

If you have both TMJ and tinnitus, you may be able to find relief from one by treating the other. Call Hampton Dental Associates in Milwaukee if you think you might have TMJ. Call (414) 464-9021 today!

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