General Dentistry As A Specialty – Part 2

In this lecture we will discuss how to reignite your passion for dentistry!
Topics we will covered over Thursday evening and Friday morning:
How to make composite restorations fun and predictable.
How to enjoy denture dentistry and why it is more crucial now than ever before to make beautiful dentures…..
Turbyfill deluxe dentures, how to…

“Upgradeable Dentistry” a paradigm for success!
Predictable impressions and how they can lead to success in full arch and single restorations on implants and teeth.
Complex dental treatment, how to treatment plan for success.
How to recognize the need for grafting and how to talk about implants so patients will say, “yes!”
Go back to your offices on Monday and start incorporating principles learned immediately.
How to help our patients stay engaged in their care for their lives.
Fool proof ways to help people choose the dentistry that’s right for them!
This lecture is a culmination of 23 years of information on all aspects of dentistry that will lead to a more enjoyable, and more rewarding career.

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