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Dentistry’s Evolution Means Benefits for You

Cosmetic Dentistry Milwaukee, WIDental care didn’t start with a bang. In fact, it took from 5000 BC to the 1500’s to determine the cause of tooth decay. The ancients weren’t too far off when they presume it was “worms” that degraded enamel; they just needed to trade one microorganism for another. Today, we know what causes cavities. We know how to repair them. More than just correct them, we know how to prevent tooth decay and how to reinstate optimal tooth structure amidst all types of damage. The evolution of dental techniques has been an ongoing event that continues to provide substantial rewards for dentists and patients.


One of the most prominent disadvantages of dentistry is that patients may feel anxious about receiving care. Historically, little has been said about dental anxiety. Patients who expressed concerns may have been offered suggestions like listening to music during their dental visits. If you struggle with dental anxiety, you know this is little more than lip service. In our Milwaukee office, we take advantage of dental innovation by using mild sedation techniques upon request. Sedation services such as nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation quickly calm nerves and promote more pleasant dental visits.

Dental Implants

Tooth replacement in any form is relatively new in terms of effectiveness. Ancient Egyptians had the idea right but didn’t have the practical solution that was necessary for long-term gains. Now, many centuries later, we have moved well beyond using shells to replace missing teeth. The gold standard of care involves placing surgical-grade titanium posts into the jawbone to restore a firm chewing foundation. Our training and experience enable us to replace any number of teeth with dental implants. It is now even possible to restore function and an attractive smile in the event of bone loss.

Dentistry has been a centuries-long practice in trial and error. Fortunately, we are past the steep learning curve and into a mature practice that can effectively prevent, repair, and cosmetically enhance teeth in ways that are comfortable and safe.

We love helping our patients discover and support the best aspects of their smile. To schedule a visit with us, call 414-377-5711.

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