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Dental Implants a Cost-Effective Investment into the Future of your Smile

Tooth replacement has long been perceived as more than it may be. Historically, the greatest extent of restoration that has been available has revolved only around the crown portion of the missing tooth or teeth. As we have learned, the roots of teeth hold immense value in our chewing capabilities. Over the long term, roots are also crucial to the preservation of facial structure, an aspect of oral anatomy that had posed a challenge to dental technology for centuries. With the advent of dental implants, we have witnessed a significant shift in how the issue of tooth loss is addressed.

The sole purpose of a dental implant is to reinstate the substructure necessary for stabilization. Without a natural root, our teeth would not stay upright or in place; but there’s more. Roots are also a conduit for the transfer of force. When we chew, the pressure released from tooth-to-tooth contact travels through each tooth, down through the roots, and into the jawbone. Here, bone is stimulated to continually regenerate.

When teeth are replaced with a bridge or full-arch dentures, the artificial structures remain upright because they are positioned on an inorganic base. They do not require roots to look like natural teeth. However, the absence of an underlying structure can mean a world of difference regarding function, comfort, and facial esthetics. These tooth replacement methods stop short of replacing roots. As such, they fall short when it comes to long-term gain from restorative care.

What you Need to Know

Dental implants can be a cost-effective solution to tooth loss. Finding a provider who offers this service is not difficult. However, to maximize the effectiveness and longevity of structural stability, dental implant care is best obtained by a dentist who has completed advanced training in this niche. Doing so means that there is a much greater possibility for the nuances of this technique to be noticed and the highest degree of need met.

In addition to having more than 25 years of experience as a general dentist, Dr. Winter has also achieved the level of Diplomate with the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, as well as the American Board of Oral Implantologists.

The past four generations of Milwaukee residents have turned to Hampton Dental Associates for personal, high-quality dental care. You can, too. Call 414-377-5711 to learn more about dental implants and our other services.



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