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Patients can use dental implants to restore one or more teeth within their smile!

Dental Implants Milwaukee, WIAt Hampton Dental Associates, SC, patients in the area of Milwaukee, WI can discuss their options for treatment when it comes to the replacement of missing teeth. Dr. Richard Winter and his team can advise patients as to the solutions available. One of the most popular treatment options is that of implant dentistry.

What is implant dentistry?

Implant dentistry is the use of a dental implant to replace a natural tooth root. This implant, made of titanium metal, is biocompatible with the body and can last a lifetime with proper care. This makes it a highly desirable option for our patients. However, it is essential for patients to undergo an evaluation to make sure they are an appropriate candidate for the procedure. It is advised that patients have sufficient bone structure to support the implant and allow for a process of bone growth called osseointegration to occur. We welcome patients to come into our office for an examination and x-rays to check the health of the bone and ensure that the implant will settle appropriately into the jaw where it is needed.

How are implants restored?

Dental implants can be used in a variety of ways. They are often restored with a dental crown over the abutment of the implant to act as a single false tooth. Other times they may be used to anchor one or both ends of a dental bridge. In some instances, a patient may use dental implants along the dental arch to hold in a full denture and provide stabilization. The myriad of solutions dental implants offer, make them an excellent option for our patients!

Do implants require surgery?

Yes. Placing a dental implant is a necessary procedure that is done with proper anesthetics and sedation to ensure patients are comfortable throughout. Patients can speak to their dentist about ways to manage discomfort following their procedure.

Interested in implant dentistry?

Contact Dr. Richard Winter of Hampton Dental Associates, SC to discuss your options for tooth replacement. We welcome new patients to book a consultation visit with our team by calling 414-377-5711 and visiting at 5323 West Hampton Avenue in Milwaukee, WI.

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