The Unique Advantages of Dental Implants

  • Posted on: Apr 30 2015
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Dental implants are impressive, long-lasting options for replacing one or many missing teeth. Implants can be used for patients of any age, including children who may be missing as a result of genetics and other disorders. Some patients may not be eligible for implants including those with oral cancer, a long history of tobacco use and unmanaged diabetes among other conditions.

shutterstock_142959235-300x200Implants can be used to replace missing teeth or as support for dentures and partials. Implants consist of two major components. First a titanium post is implanted or screwed into the patients jaw. This post is the actual “implant” and is used to replace the function of the missing tooth root. The second component of an implant is the dental crown which caps off the titanium post, replacing the missing tooth enamel. There is a small third area that connects the two, this is called an abutment. Dental implants last for years and is not common to need one replaced.

A dental implant restores both the look and function of your smile. With a dental implant you will be able to chew normally and enjoy all of the foods you are accustomed to eating. There is no additional maintenance required for dental implants, you can brush and floss them just as you would your natural teeth.

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