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Avoid Concussions with Custom Mouthguards

player-551933_1280-300x237Thousands of children participate in school athletics every year – including football. There is a great deal of focus today in preventing brain injury and concussions in children as well as adults that play contact sports such as football. Attention is often focused on the quality and function of an athlete’s helmet. However, what we’ve recently learned is that the quality of your child’s mouthguard may also be important toward reducing risk for concussion and brain injury.

Mouthguards help absorb shock from impact to the head, face or jaw. Mouthguards, even those purchased over the counter, are essential tools for protecting your mouth from injury and tooth damage during sports. While many of these devices are purchased from sporting goods stores and pharmacies – there now appears to be incredible value in purchasing a custom fitted mouthguard from your dentist.

An article recently published in the journal General Dentistry suggests that custom-made mouthguards can protect athletes from concussions. In fact, a study of high school football players concluded that wearing a custom-made mouthguard cuts the rate of concussion injuries by more than half.

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