What is a Denture Partial?

  • Posted on: Jun 15 2015
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shutterstock_121062757-300x200If you are in need of replacement of one or several teeth you may have heard someone recommend that you receive a partial or a denture partial. We recommend this treatment device for patients who have lost teeth due to poor oral hygiene, malnutrition or dental trauma.

A denture partial is a prosthetic device that restores the look and function of your missing teeth. A partial can be removed much like a retainer, but dental technology is allowing for more permanent solutions if you desire this level of stability.

Removable partial dentures are less expensive than permanent bridges which are often anchored by dental implants. Denture partials are made by placing artificial teeth in a molded base similar to those used in retainers. Metal clasps that resemble little hooks are added to anchor the denture partials onto the patient’s existing teeth on either side of their missing teeth. The acrylic base will rest on the gums for lower denture partials and on the roof of the mouth for upper denture partials.

If you are likely to continue losing teeth a partial is an affordable option because it can be easily modified in the future, more inexpensively than a bridge or set of implants.

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