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At Hampton Dental Associates we offer many types of restorative dental procedures – implants, dentures, whitening, crowns and veneers – each and all designed to repair or restore your teeth to their natural, youthful condition. Your teeth are designed to last a lifetime…but, sometimes because of a lack of proper care, they are damaged or lost to disease and neglect.

Whatever you were or were not taught about your teeth and their care by your parents, if you have young children, now is the time to break any old or bad habits you may have and teach your kids proper dental care.

family-dentistry-300x200-1-300x200As the parent, you are the model for your kids. They watch you. They emulate you. They do what you do and they want to be like you. If you are modeling good dental habits for them, you are doing yourself the favor of saving on extreme dental costs down the road and doing them the favor of a lifetime habit that will serve them well.

  • Start by making sure your kids have the proper size toothbrush. There are specially designed brushes for children that have smaller heads and softer bristles. Change the brush at least every three months and more often if your kids have been sick.
  • Buy a good fluoride toothpaste. Cavities form in large part because of germs and plaque that remain on teeth. Brushing twice a day is a great way to defend against cavities. Protecting baby teeth is critical. Even though they will fall out to make way for permanent teeth, losing even one tooth to severe decay leaves a space in a small mouth that other teeth will crowd together to fill.
  • Flossing is a hard habit for some adults to master, but it is an essential step in getting rid of decay-forming debris. Brushing and flossing in the morning and before bed can become a special ritual and the benefits to you and your kids are huge and long-lasting. Show your kids how to brush and floss. Begin early. You won’t be sorry.

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