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Who Wouldn’t Want Sweet, Kissable Breath?

Bad breath. Definitely a deterrent to close-talking and definitely a turn-off in the good-night-kiss department. Halitosis can be lingering, right there, under your nose and you could be the last to know.

Is it time to get a handle on your battle with bad breath? If so, read on…

Bad breath originates from bacterial gasses which accumulate in your mouth and on your teeth, gums and tongue. These gases contain sulfur which cause their nasty odor.
Brushing and flossing twice a day and using a tongue scraper are proven plaque and bacteria fighters. But if you are already doing those things, perhaps the cause of your bad breath lies elsewhere.

Have you missed your twice yearly dental check-ups?
Dental check-ups may reveal plaque and dental decay. Plaque can break down your teeth, causing bad breath. Cavities can also be stinky culprits.

fighting-bad-breath-300x300Maybe it’s your diet.
It’s well known that onions and garlic contain compounds which are absorbed into your blood cells and expelled through your lungs. That means it’s your breath that actually smells and not your mouth.

Maybe it’s your nose.
The presence of bacteria in your nose and sinus cavities can cause smelly secretions from your nasal passages – which can be a cause of bad breath. Using a nasal wash can help, but if the problem persists, consider a visit to an ear, nose and throat specialist.

It could be tonsil stones.
Tonsilloliths, or tonsil stones, are lymph tissue and bacteria that reside in the back of your throat and come together as white or yellow globs. They are filled with tiny crevices where bacteria hide. If enough bacteria get caught, these smelly tonsilloliths can definitely contribute to halitosis.

It could be your stomach.
If none of the above is causing your bad breath, or if it’s a chronic problem, see your doctor. In some cases, stomach problems, such as acid reflux, can cause bad breath.

If you are concerned about your breath, call and make an appointment with Dr. Winter, today: 414-377-5711.

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